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House cleaning
House cleaning
Price: from $50
Commercial cleaning
Commercial cleaning
Price: from $120
Office cleaning
Office cleaning
Price: from $80
Carpet cleaners
Carpet cleaners
Price: from $80
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Window cleaning
Price: from $40
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office cleaning

Office cleaning

Cleaning: what is office cleaning — at its core is a set of measures to bring order to the premises. The work is performed by professional, specially trained employees (cleaners).

Recently, companies involved in the organization of daily activities to bring the premises in a proper form are popular. This is due to:

— saving the customer from the cost of maintaining its own staff of cleaners;

— high level of training of cleaners;

— excellent quality of cleaning.

Our company meets all the above requirements. Highly qualified specialists will perfectly clean all premises, including halls, toilets and reception areas. Each workplace will be crystal clear.

We offer all types of office cleaning. Most often we are used to order daily or general cleaning of apartments and business centers.

Three simple steps to your clean office

  1. Order a cleaning service.

Tell us where your office is and what needs to be done

  1. Wait for the cleaner

The contractor will come with everything you need.

  1. Pay for the result

And enjoy a clean office

House cleaning from $50
Commercial cleaning from $120
Office cleaning from $80
Carpet cleaners from $80
Window cleaning from $40

Our prices for office cleaning in cities and areas in Sacramento, will provide you with the maximum benefit. You will be able to exclude from the budget the cost of staff salaries, social and tax deductions, vacation reimbursement, etc. in addition, you will not have to buy cleaning equipment. You only pay for the work done by our staff according to the set rates.

The cost of office cleaning depends on:

— the volume and complexity of the work;

— The size of the rooms (the area of the object, the height of the ceilings, etc.)

— The class of the room (depending on the quality of finish materials, as well as the equipment in it)

— cleaning/cleaning agents and necessary equipment involved.

The services provided by the company is the best alternative to keeping staff.  You not only get rid of unnecessary costs. The exterior of the office will delight your clients.

office cleaning companies

Daily office cleaning serves to keep the premises clean and orderly at all times. All activities are usually performed when no staff is present.

Daily office cleaning includes:

— dry or wet cleaning of horizontal surfaces, as well as desk lights and office equipment;

— removal of dirt from office furniture;

— garbage removal and replacement of consumables;

— disinfection and cleaning of sanitary equipment;

— vacuuming carpets;

— floor cleaning;

— maintenance of the dining area (high-quality cleaning of refrigerators, microwave ovens, tables, chairs, and the kitchen stove).

— Removing dust from doors, mirrors, furnishings, radiators, and window sills.

Morning and evening cleaning of offices is the most popular activity. You can also order cleaning services at any time.

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General office cleaning is a one-time event. This service is most often ordered after moving, repairs, corporate parties, as well as after a long Christmas vacations.

General office cleaning includes:

— Removal of construction and household dust from rooms;

— cleaning of windows, radiators and pipes;

— wiping of all present lighting fixtures;

— comprehensive cleaning of office furniture;

— cleaning of walls, floors, skirting boards and all horizontal surfaces;

— complete cleaning of the dining area,

— wiping and sanding of floor and wall coverings made of tile, marble or ceramic tile

— cleaning of mirrors and glasses;

— elimination of bacteria in bathrooms, removal of dust mites from fabric and carpeting, and other types of disinfection.

Comprehensive office cleaning is usually done once a month. After such a one-time event, you will only need to maintain cleanliness on a daily basis.

Carrying out cleaning

You can independently create a set of necessary activities and their frequency. The flexibility of business processes allows us to implement almost any non-standard solution.

Cleaning/cleaning of small size offices can be performed several times a week, while large companies require a daily set of activities to maintain cleanliness, not only in the absence of staff, but also in the daytime.

All the actions of our employees comply with the standards, so the excellent result is achieved as quickly as possible. We bring the required consumables and all necessary equipment to the site.

The results of cleaning activities and cleanliness of the atmosphere is one of the main rules, for this compliance we use only environmentally friendly disinfectants and detergents.

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