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How to organize house cleaning step by step

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General cleaning by the method of cleaning services: 8-step instructions with tricks.

There comes a time when every housewife needs and wants to do a general cleaning with washing windows and walls, washing curtains, cleaning furniture and radiators. Do you want to clean your house 100% clean and fast? That is, as it is done by cleaning services?
General cleaning of an apartment of up to 60 square meters for one professional cleaner takes up to 8 hours.
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The secret lies in a proven technology that you can apply. But first read the following basic principles of cleaning. Basic principles of general house cleaning:

— In most institutions, such as schools and hospitals, general cleaning is done once a week. In the home, general cleaning is less frequent, once a quarter or six months. If asthmatics, allergics, pets, or if the apartment is located in a dusty city with a bad environment live in the house, a general cleaning can and should be done more often.

— House cleaning always starts with the farthest room and then progresses clockwise or counterclockwise. The circular motion will keep you from missing anything. Usually cleaning starts with the farthest bedroom and living rooms and ends with the kitchen and bathroom.

— When cleaning your room, keep the same rule: start at the farthest point from the entrance and then work your way in a circle.

The second important rule is to always clean from top to bottom. In other words, we should first wipe dust off all surfaces, clean the room, and only then begin to clean the floor. The same principle is valid for cleaning any vertical surfaces: spray detergent from top to bottom, then distribute it with a sponge also from top to bottom, and finally wash and rinse the surface from the top to the bottom.

General cleaning of the room should be dry first and then wet.

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So, gather all your cleaning supplies and tools in one place, change into comfortable clothes, stock up on enthusiasm and follow the 8-step instructions from a professional cleaner.

Step 1: Open Windows It’s a good idea to start your general cleaning by ventilating so you don’t breathe chemicals and allow the air to clear naturally. If it is cold outside, each room can be aired for 10 minutes, while you are in another room. For example, while you are cleaning the bathroom.

Step 2: Start cleaning with a «clean slate» At this point, you need to:
— Take off all the curtains and drapes and send them to the washing machine (while they’re washing, we’ll wash the windows);
— Collect all the dirty laundry in the house (including bedding, table and bath textiles) and send it to the laundry basket;
— Collect all the trash in the house (spoiled food, empty jars in the bathroom, torn socks, broken and simply outdated items), and then take the bags outside the apartment or leave them in the hallway for a while;
— Collect all the dirty dishes in the house and load them into the dishwasher/sink;
— Gather things that are out of place and arrange them neatly;
— Clean up cobwebs under the ceiling, if there are any.

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— Remember to act decisively, trying not to look at things unnecessarily, or the process will drag on;
— To quickly collect all the dirty laundry in the house, use one basin or basket. Bags will be needed to collect garbage. Also use a basin or basket to collect things that are out of place, such as children’s toys;
— If you don’t want to wash curtains and drapes, cheat by «knocking» the dust out of them with a damp towel;
— It is better to arrange the scattered things by category. Suppose that in the bathroom you found a chaos of creams, gels, shampoos, combs, hair dryer, curling irons and towels. What to do? Act quickly, following the principle «similar to similar»: put your hair dryer and curling iron in the same tray, put combs somewhere near them, group body care products and face creams separately, put shower gels next to shampoos, hang towels or stack them by color or size.

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Step 3: Wash the windows So, while the curtains and drapes are being washed, let’s take care of the windows. First wash them with a normal soapy solution, then with clean water, and finally wipe them with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Wash the walls First, we remove everything that hangs on the walls. Next, wrapping the mop with a damp rag or towel, we go over the walls with it.
— If you have a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter, you can use it;
— To avoid damaging the wallpaper, you need to vacuum on the weakest mode. Cleaners wash the walls with a mop.
wall cleaning

Step 5. Wipe off the dust… everywhere Here is a checklist of all the things that need to be damp cleaned:
— All lamps, light fixtures and chandeliers;
— Window sills;
— Radiators, pipes;
— Mirrors, glass surfaces;
— Accessories and furnishings (vases, frames, etc.);
— Facades and interior surfaces of cabinet furniture;
— Household Appliances;
— Curtain rails;
— Baseboards, doors, platbands;
— Upholstered furniture (vacuuming with a special nozzle, wash leather upholstery with a special mild agent);
— Entresols;
— Leaves of plants.

-Use microfiber rags for dusting — this is the fastest way to do it. If you don’t have microfiber, use a cotton rag. But the use of terry towels and synthetic fabrics is best avoided.
-Upholstered furniture and mattresses should be vacuumed with a special nozzle. Leather upholstery should be washed with a special mild detergent.
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Step 6: Clean and disinfect the kitchen After cleaning the living space, you can start cleaning the kitchen. To do this, defrost the refrigerator beforehand and then begin a decisive cleanup in roughly this order:
1.Sink and faucet;
2. Microwave oven;
3.Small appliances;
5.Cabinets and drawers;
10.Stove and oven;
12.Dining table and chairs.
— Problem areas like the sink, stove and oven should be cleaned as follows: spray the cleaner from a spray gun or spread evenly with a sponge, leave it for 10 minutes and only then proceed to clean;
— At this stage, it is important to use effective cleaning agents and tricky ways of cleaning. For example, to clean the microwave from grease, you need to arrange her «acid bath», and to remove limescale in the kettle, apply the method of Jacuzzi with citric acid.

Step 7. Clean and disinfect the bathroom Cleaning the bathroom always involves preliminary preparation, which we have already mentioned above. It consists in soaking the following areas with cleaner for 7-10 minutes: toilet bowl, sink with faucet, shower stall or tub. So the chemicals will do the dirty work for you, and you will only have to wipe everything clean and dry. While the cleaners are «working,» we can leave the room (so we don’t breathe harmful fumes) or get busy cleaning the walls, tile joints, mirrors and cabinets.
bathroom cleaning
— To clean tile joints, use an old toothbrush;
— Use 9% vinegar diluted with water (1:1) to remove rust and lime deposits from faucets, shower screens, and other surfaces. To clean a faucet, use this trick: moisten a rag in a vinegar solution, wrap it around the faucet and leave it for 10-60 minutes, then wipe it clean. You can also just spray the vinegar solution with a spray gun and leave it on for a while.
Step 8: Vacuuming and washing the floors Hooray, you can start the last step of the general cleaning — washing the floors. But first the floors and carpets need to be thoroughly vacuumed or swept.

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Using these simple rules you can easily cope with this difficult task of general cleaning! But to be honest not everyone can do it so easily, there is a lack of time and so want in your spare time to rest and give your free time to your loved ones.
Do not worry use the service of general cleaning near you, call us and our operator will pick up professional cleaners who are qualitatively and quickly for a reasonable price will do the cleaning in your house.
Do not delay cleaning do not wait for the right time, call us and ask all your questions.

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