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Effective house cleaning methods — 10 principles to help you

We all know that a clean apartment and home is your dream. But sometimes too busy a schedule makes you put off cleaning for the future. You can be sure that if you hire our home cleaning services, all your problems will be solved. We have extensive experience in this area: we work with clients in the city and out of town.
Our team is always ready to come to the rescue, you only need to call the operator and discuss the order and of course convenient for you time of its implementation and say the address where we will come! Our company always offers high quality services, because we know exactly what our clients value.
Home Cleaning

Our company is ready to give you tips that are fixed in 10 important principles of how to properly prepare for the upcoming cleaning and properly maintain order for many months and finish without a nervous breakdown and disruption to your loved ones.

1.The goal of cleaning is to have the PERFECT order forever. The key to success is to do it quickly, in one fell swoop.

Before you begin the big cleaning reset, you should visualize in detail the ideal image of your home and lifestyle in it. It is necessary to treat the cleaning as a holiday, because its result will be clean and order as well as a sense of pride that I did it.
First of all we sort clothes, put them into their places, put shoes to shoes, outerwear in the closet, underwear on the shelves, dirty clothes sorted by color for washing.

2. The process of cleaning should be carried out in two stages:

first we throw out unnecessary things and only then we think about the organization of storage The real order is impossible without these two stages of cleaning. And the first stage — getting rid of unnecessary things — is paramount.

Apply the principle of vertical storage of things by category in your closet — the closet will become much more convenient and free.

3. Clean and store items more effectively by category and subcategory, and not by room.

It turns out that this approach to cleaning and storage allows a better idea and regulation of the volume of available things, makes it easier to find the necessary items and return them to their place.

4. Optimal order of cleaning: 1) Clothes 2) Books 3) Papers 4) Comono (miscellaneous) 5) Sentimental items.

This order of cleaning helps you stay on track. And it also allows you to practice your sense of recognizing «sparks of joy» to the stage of sorting the most difficult category — sentimental items.

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5. The basic principle of selection — whether the thing causes joy.

In all honesty, the secret to order is to be surrounded only by the things you love. To figure out what to keep and what to throw away, you have to take each thing in your hands and ask yourself, «Does it evoke joy?» And nothing else. Expensive, novelty or rarity of an item is no reason to keep it. In cases where it is difficult to recognize a feeling of joy, we advise to be guided by the reaction of the body when the object is in your hands — if there is a feeling of heaviness, then you know what to do. Another technique that helps to make a decision in controversial cases is to compare 3-5 related things and make their «rating. The outsiders of the ranking should be said goodbye to. And what about the things that should bring only practical benefits and do it well? For example, screwdrivers, kitchen utensils, household chemicals, and the like.
In fact, cleaning is about choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.

6. The first step of cluttering is to put ALL the things in one category into a pile.

So, for example, when sorting out your closet, you need to get every single item down to the last sock out of every place in the house where there might be clothes (except the dirty laundry basket) and stack them on the floor or bed. Firstly, only so you realize how much stuff you really have and … experience a kind of shock therapy. Secondly, the resulting mountain of items will not allow you to retreat. Keep in mind that even books will have to pile up, no matter how hard it is.

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7. Storing things vertically rather than stacked (except dishes) is more rational.

Most things, from teabags to linens, are more convenient to put vertically in a row rather than stacked horizontally. This way you not only see the contents of the shelves and drawers, but can get what you need without having to cling to things next to each other, as is often the case with conventional storage. And this technique also allows you to organize storage more compactly and neatly.

8. Instead of buying a bunch of storage boxes, you can use existing boxes.

To store things vertically and by categories was more handy, you should put them in ordinary boxes, such as shoe boxes. By the way, shoe boxes are ideal for most things. Buy special boxes and other devices for storage is not necessary. But if you do want to do this, it is best to buy clear plastic containers or rectangular/square baskets made of metal or rattan.
My experience: Here are some tips for using boxes.
— Bulky items, such as sweaters, are best stored in large winter shoe boxes.
— Underwear, socks, and pantyhose fit nicely in a box lid.
— Boxes from iPhone and other small gadgets are convenient for storing various small things like cards, pens, pencils, sewing kit, etc.
-Dishwashing utensils can be conveniently stored in the small metal basket (HM Home).

House cleaning from $50
Commercial cleaning from $120
Office cleaning from $80
Carpet cleaners from $80
Window cleaning from $40

9. Every Thing Has Its Own Place.

To keep order in the house, you need to define a place for each item once and every time you use it, return it to the same place. This way you avoid the opposite effect. Follow your intuition and these tips to find the right places for things:
— Items of the same type in the same place. This means that keeping items of the same type in different places of use, for example, to keep hygienic lipstick both on the table in the hallway and in a cosmetic bag, is not desirable.
— First of all, things should be convenient to put back, not take out.
— The storage system should be as simple and clear as possible.

10. It is not good for order to have storage space in several places in the house.

Each family member should have his or her own space for personal belongings.
1.It is best to revise your closet in the following order:
Tops (shirts, sweaters, etc.);
Undershirts (skirts, pants, etc.);
Clothes that need to be hung on hangers;
Accessories (belts, hats, scarves, etc.);
Special clothing (swimwear, sportswear, etc.);
2.Putting/hanging things of the same category is better according to the principle from heavy-dark-long to lighter and lighter.
For example, things can be sorted by material type «wool» and type «cotton». In the drawers, light and lightweight things should lie at the front to keep your closet happy.
3.Use the bag-in-bag method (no more than 1-2 bags in one bag). In doing so, the straps of the bags should look out of the outer bag so you don’t forget about them. It is also desirable that the outer and inner bags be similar in material, season, and/or style. With this trick, you’ll both save space and keep your accessories in shape.
4.Stack even socks and tights in rectangles. Place them all together in a box or drawer in an upright position so you can see each pair.
Bedding is best stored on the top shelves of the dresser. They will be less exposed to dust and moisture there.
5.Cup bras should be placed neatly behind each other so that they retain their shape. Soft bras should be folded in half and then their straps folded. Store bras in a nice basket, such as one made of rattan. After all, anything that comes into contact with the body should be stored with special reverence.
6.If you have a shoe rack, put the heavier shoes at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. Then arrange the pairs by color to keep everything organized.
1.If there are too many books, you can organize them into subcategories in the following order:
1. fiction;
2. Applied books;
3. illustrated, such as art books;
4. Magazines.
2.When sorting out books, don’t start reading them, as this almost always drags out the cleaning process.
3.By and large, only those books that belong in your «hall of fame» will remain in your home.
4.Tip, unread books will never be read. And also they tend to accumulate. So it is necessary to get rid of them.
— The main rule for sorting documents and papers is to throw them all away. You should only keep the papers that fall into these three categories:
1). Those in current use;
2). Needed for a limited period of time;
3). Those documents and papers that need to be kept for a long time. Appliance instructions and irrelevant study materials should be discarded.

The countertop and the space around the sink are best kept empty. Even sponge, Fae, and rags are best kept in a cabinet above or below the sink. That way, cleaning the kitchen will take minimal time and effort, and you’ll start cooking with more fun.

According to the rules, the area around the bathroom (including the walls) should be kept completely empty and all grooming products should be stored in cabinets. The method is good in that the jars will not become slimy, their contents will not spoil before time, and most importantly — cleaning the room will be super fast and easy. Shampoos, shower gels, hair conditioners and other products after use are advised to dry with a towel and then put away.

What to do with unnecessary things? This question arises to everyone who does the cleaning. Here are a few possible solutions:
-Surrender clean items in good condition to local charities and volunteer collection organizations (Kind Things, Fair Help, Heart Is, etc.);
-Transfer items in good condition directly to social institutions: orphanages and temporary shelters, homes for the elderly and disabled, refugee assistance centers;
-Many churches and monasteries accept items in good condition and distribute them to those in need;
-Towels, bed sheets, plaids, and clothes in poor condition can be taken to animal shelters. There they will be used as bedding;
-You can use the service of taking away unnecessary things. Items can go to second hand shops, recycling facilities, or charities;
-Things in excellent condition can be sold at a local online flea market;
— Things in excellent condition can be sold at a local online flea marketplace; -Something can be given away to neighbors «for a candy bar» by posting an ad in the home’s social media group or Watsap.
We hope that our tips will help you organize your own cleaning in your home and enjoy it.

We are a team of professionals who have extensive experience in cleaning apartments, houses, offices and commercial premises. We have years of experience in providing clean and hygienic services. We work all over the United States. Our operators will quickly help solve your cleaning problem.

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