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House cleaning
House cleaning
Price: from $50
Commercial cleaning
Commercial cleaning
Price: from $120
Office cleaning
Office cleaning
Price: from $80
Carpet cleaners
Carpet cleaners
Price: from $80
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Window cleaning
Price: from $40
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We all know, that a clean apartment and house is our dream. But sometimes, too busy schedule makes us to postpone cleaning for the future. You can be sure, that if you hire our house cleaning services, all your problems will be solved. We have a lot of experience in this sphere: we are working with customers in city, and our teams are ready to visit your apartment and houses! Our company always offers high quality services because we know exactly what our customers value.
We are a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the field of cleaning apartment and houses. We have many years of experience in providing residential cleaning services, cleanliness and hygiene of premises. We operate throughout the territory of the city. Our experts will perfectly solve your problems with cleaning, eliminating problems with lost order.

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According to statistics, more than 50% of clients who contact us return to us again.
Wide range of cleaning services
You will be offered only the performers of cleaning services, tested by quality and time
Affordable prices and service
The availability of cleaning services in different cities allows us to offer an affordable service

Everyone knows how important regular cleaning of houses or big offices and apartment buildings is to our health. But here is the thing: not everyone has enough free time for this, and many simply don’t like doing it themselves! But don’t worry — we will help you with that. Our specialists will promptly clean your offices or apartments, polish floors and remove odors, leaving all your premises in a pristine condition. You deserve it!
Throughout the city, there is a large number of different cleaning services that can help you in different ways. House cleaning in sity is a very broad notion used by companies to differentiate the types of services they offer to different categories of customers.

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You may have hired a housekeeper to clean your home one or two times, but then you decided it was too expensive. However, this job is not going to get any cleaner, only dirtier. It’s better to pay for a periodic full cleaning service to make sure that your home is always in good shape.
Spring cleaning is a crucial task for any homeowner. It is quite easy to “clean” the apartment from the debris of the winter and prepare it for the upcoming spring months. But if you want to give your home a thorough cleaning, you should hire professional cleaners. A lot of things need to be done in order to have immaculately clean floors and walls. Hiring professionals will allow you to spend less time on cleaning and thus enjoy your free time.

How the company works

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Our daily complex cleaning service includes:
— Cleaning entrances and lobbies; — Daily cleaning of common areas (hallways, corridors);
— Carpet cleaning (externally and internally); — Cleaning internal premises;
— Washing windows and facades;
— Cleaning garbage containers;
— Maintenance “cleaning day” rooms and kitchen;
— Dusting, vacuum cleaners, polishing furniture;
— Regular
The scope of services: cleaning of internal premises, windows (externally), cleaning of balconies, bathrooms, basements and cleaning of all floors.
It is often necessary to pay attention to some small details of cleaning. More often than not, they are the reason for unpleasant odors and dirty floors in the apartment. Besides routine cleaning of all rooms, we recommend you use our professional services for carrying out cleaning of hard-to-reach places. Every day we carefully clean windowsills, stairways, and landings.

House cleaning from $50
Commercial cleaning from $120
Office cleaning from $80
Carpet cleaners from $80
Window cleaning from $40

Our company offers high quality cleaning services for both residential and commercial premises near you every day. Walls will be washed with a vacuum cleaner. You won’t have to worry about the quality of cleaning, because each employee sent by us gets a certificate after training. There is no need for you to worry if someone will steal your property.
Being a homeowner can be a lot of work. You need to keep your property clean as well as pay all the bills, and many other things. Of course, you could do it on your own, but then it will take up a lot of your free time and energy. You can also hire people who will help you with household chores, food delivery services, or even just do some light gardening. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to pay for such services. But there is another way to maintain order in your house without spending much money — hire a cleaning company.

Before you visit any cleaning company, there are some things you should tell them. Tell them something about the existing furniture, apartments, all the things that are necessary to be cleaned and fixed, or removed. Only in this case you will get a complete and useful service.
Cleaning an apartment, private house or office from unnecessary and harmful things is very important for our health.

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