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House cleaning
House cleaning
Price: from $50
Commercial cleaning
Commercial cleaning
Price: from $120
Office cleaning
Office cleaning
Price: from $80
Carpet cleaners
Carpet cleaners
Price: from $80
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Window cleaning
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Cleaning — professional cleaning of the premises and the area around it, aimed at maintaining cleanliness. Such cleaning is performed by highly qualified employees who have experience in this area. Such commercial cleaning services allow creating the right atmosphere in the office, improving the reputation of the organization.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial real estate — offices of banks, large corporations, branches of mobile operators, shopping centers — must be kept clean and meet the sanitary and epidemiological standards. Regular cleaning avoids problems with inspecting authorities and ensures comfortable working conditions. Clean, well-maintained halls, workplaces, sanitary facilities, entrance areas form a positive impression of the organization and increase loyalty. Maintaining order prevents breeding of dust mites, pathogens that cause infections and allergic reactions.

House cleaning from $50
Commercial cleaning from $120
Office cleaning from $80
Carpet cleaners from $80
Window cleaning from $40

Commercial property cleaning is a complex and time-consuming process that requires careful selection of detergents and equipment, hiring employees, and following established rules and regulations. Applying to a professional cleaning company saves you from having to deal with non-core business, spending money on taxes, sick pay, vacations. Expensive commercial property finishes are protected from damage due to improper detergents. Professional cleaning using the right chemicals guarantees the safety of the property.

services a cleaning company offers

Services of a cleaning company are in demand on a permanent basis (maintenance treatment) or on an ad hoc basis (general cleaning, putting things in order after construction) subject to the daily work of staff on the cleanliness of commercial real estate. Complexes differ in the composition of the procedures.

Blocks of work included in the commercial cleaning service from a cleaning company

The range of works included in the service of commercial cleaning of premises includes:

— daily and general cleaning of the premises of the building;

— garbage removal from trash garbage cans;

— cleaning and cleaning of glass surfaces;

— dry cleaning and cleaning of floor coverings and upholstered furniture;

— care of the surrounding area, including snow and ice removal;

— removing stains from surfaces;

— cleaning and disinfecting bathroom fixtures;

— polishing and grinding of marble and granite floors;

— taking care of plants and, on rare occasions, aquariums.

1. Routine cleaning keeps offices and retail galleries in perfect order. Includes dry and wet cleaning of floors and baseboards, removing localized dirt and dust from surfaces, cleaning doors, mirrors, glass, and signs. Cleaners also clean restrooms, disinfect plumbing fixtures, check for wipes, paper, and soap in dispensers, take out trash, and replace bags in trash garbage cans. The schedule is set in consultation with the management of the commercial property. For establishments operating from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., evening cleaning is appropriate. If employees often stay in the office late, morning processing is relevant.

 services cleaning companies offer

2. General cleaning is demanded at least twice a year or more often if the commercial property has high footfall. Cleaning is aimed at thoroughly treating areas that are not cleaned daily. Cleaners dust the walls throughout the height and ceiling, remove dirt in hard-to-reach corners — behind cabinets, under furniture, appliances, and equipment. The complex also includes cleaning of windows and frames, doorways, dry cleaning of furniture, treatment of carpets with a rotor-disc machine, and major disinfection of sanitary facilities.

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3. One-time comprehensive cleaning is necessary after construction, repairs, long downtime, fire or flooding. Procedures are aimed at removal of complicated stains, restoration of comfortable working conditions, and preparation of commercial property for reception of personnel and clients. Special detergents effectively cope with rust, water stains, paint stains, plaster and concrete residues, and soot, while leaving no smell or trace.

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Necessary licenses and certificates for the cleaning companyAny company that offers its services on commercial cleaning must not only have professional staff, necessary equipment for cleaning, but also have a number of documents for carrying out their activities.

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